Talking About The Book…

…Is what I’m going to be doing over the next week.

Tomorrow (November 10th) I’m going to be on BBC Radio Bristol from 9.30am discussing ‘Freedom Through Football’, the Cowboys, Bristol’s Radical History and a lot more besides, I’m sure.

Then on Wednesday (the 14th) comes the London launch of ‘Freedom Through Football’. It’s at HOUSMANS, London’s premier radical bookshop,  in King’s Cross from 7pm. It’ll be great to see any of youse lot there.



One thought on “Talking About The Book…

  1. alan rat

    hey will this is rat ….not of easton cowboys but bristol city– trip hoppy–general boozing etc etc just a line to say i am in the middle of this book and finding it most enjoyable especially remembering some of the old characters way back in its creation and raucous nights in the plough .dont know if you have ever come across marc bennetts (football dynamo) a journalist from bristol who moved to russia many years ago ?well anwayhe sent me his much acclaimed book on the state of russian footy and i will be sending him yours (obviously once ive finished it ) and shall let you know what he thinks-i already know he will like and appreciate it= cheers for now.
    rat (the other one )


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